Backpacking Camping Essentials you Must Buy

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If  you are all set to go on a camping trip, you need to make sure that you have packed all the essential items. These essentials are listed after having a discussion with seasoned campers. Here is a short checklist of camping essentials you must invest in.

Essentials to Ensure your Safety in Case of an Emergency

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Safety gear such as life jackets, warm sweaters, gloves, boots, maps, pocket knife, torch and such other essentials are some of the main camping gear you need while going on a trip. You never know when these may prove to be useful. 

Equipment to Sleep such as Sleeping Bags and Tents

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If you are going for an overnight adventure, then you will be needing the right sleeping bag, camping tent and tarp. When you pick these equipment, ensure that you have measured the various protocols such as weight, wind and water proof, height, insulation, etc. The right sleeping tent ensures that you get a good night’s sleep after a whole day of adventure and travel. 

Essential Tools for Survival

Certain items such as a flashlight, battery, rope, scissors, paracord bracelet and many such others are some of the essential camping gears that you should always have. Also, see to the right kind of water bottles and food packages so that your food and beverage remain intact. Camping gear is most often available in a foldable form or one that can be inflated and deflated as per use. This helps in carrying these equipment easily without too much weight.

Important Medical Kits

Medical kits are important items that you will be needing while traveling to wild and unexplored terrain. These include bandages, painkillers, anti-venom lotions, cotton and paracetamols. These help you survive a health condition and ensure that you do not have to cut short your trip. 

Canned Food and Water Bottles

The food you pack should be enjoyed and relished by all. Sandwiches, fruits, cookies, lemonade, protein bars, one-pot meals, burgers, hot dogs, etc are some of the most popular picnic items. Also carry a lot of wet-wipes, napkins, disposable food containers and re-usable ones. 

Camp Stove, Cookware and Lighters to Cook

The most important tool for camping cooking is a portable stove. You will need this one to boil water, heat food and cook your meat. You can select a double or single burner as well. These are easy to carry, portable, convenient and lightweight. You will also need cookware, serve ware, spices and a stove lighter to add to your convenience. 

These are essential items you must possess when you set out for camping. Failure of carrying these things might land you in a tight situation. It is important that you go out for camping after keeping yourself fully equipped with basic necessities as the ones listed above.

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