First Time Camping Essentials You Should Carry For A Better Trip

first time camping essentials

Are you packing for the first time for a camping trip? If yes, then you might be considering it as a challenging task. But don’t worry, it will get easier with the passage of time.

Till then make use of this article which is going to offer you some first time camping essentials that are necessary to carry for a smooth camping trip.

List Of First Time Camping Essentials

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Good Quality Sleeping Bags And Tent

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You can’t imagine a camping trip without a good-quality tent. So while packing the bags for the camping trip, it is your first essential. But it needs to be spacious enough for all the members. Also, ensure that your camp tent meets your needs and requirements and is highly comfortable.

When talking about a tent how can we forget to purchase sleeping bags? Purchase a sleeping bag suitable for the climate of the place of your trip. Having a good sleep is very essential so if possible also buy air mattresses.

Camping Stove And Utensils

A camping stove is one of the first time camping essentials which many beginners forget to carry. You need to purchase a portable camping stove. But purchasing a stove is not enough. You also need some basic cooking utensils to cook the necessary food items like coffee, milk, noodles, etc.

If possible also check about the availability of picnic tables and benches at your camping location. In case they are not available to try to carry some foldable tables and chairs.

First Aid Kit

Compile a proper first aid kit that consists of all of the following.

Bug and mosquito repellent

Medication useful in the case of allergies

Antiseptic for burns, cuts, and scrape

Bandages, first-aid tape, bandage wrap, and gauge pods.

If you are suffering from some chronic ailment don’t forget to carry its medicines. This first aid kit will help you to have a safe journey.

Multipurpose Knife

The multipurpose knife can prove to be very useful in several situations. You need a knife not only during cooking but also to fix your tent and so on. But make sure to carry a pocket-friendly knife which can also act as protective gear against unseen circumstances.

Some Highly Forgettable First Time Camping Essentials

The list of first time camping essentials is quite long. Here is the list of some highly forgettable camping essentials that can help you in your packing.

Waterproof jackets



Matchboxes or Lighter

Flashlights for lanterns

Water and extra snacks




The above-mentioned first time camping Essentials will help you to have a better camping venture. As your departure date comes closer keep on adding your other essential items and prepare a comprehensive checklist. Also, remember to pack your bags as light as possible as everything is to be carried by you. Your trip will be much smoother with a lighter bag.

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