Golden Gate Canyon State Park’s Well-Known Trails

Golden gate canyon state park is about 20 minutes west of Boulder, Colorado. The park offers camping, hiking, biking, and horseback riding opportunities year-round.

Here are Golden gate canyon state park’s well-known trails.

1)The Black Canyon Trail

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The black canyon trail is 17-mile hiking, biking, and horseback riding route that’s heavily used by visitors. This relatively flat bike ride (meaning it doesn’t include any climbs) starts at the state park visitor center and follows the scenic Saint Vrain Creek along the base of lush green hillsides as far as Sugarloaf Mountain.

The Black Canyon Trail is also known as the Saint Vrain Greenway/Trail.

2) The Golden Gate Trail

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Another well-known golden gate canyon state park hiking trail is the 13-mile Golden Gate Trail. It’s considered moderate in difficulty because of its length, terrain, and hills. The trail is named for Golden Gate Canyon, which is through which the trail passes.

The Golden Gate Trail begins near Golden gate canyon state park’s campground and follows the scenic Saint Vrain Creek west to Sugarloaf Mountain. You’ll also see views of plains that stretch into the distance. The trail then meanders north past Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun. The trail is a loop with an option to add on a two-mile section of the Black Canyon Trail at its midpoint.

3) The Greenbelt Plateau Loop

The Greenbelt Plateau Loop is considered an easy hike 2.5 miles long and includes hills. Along with views of golden gate canyon state park, the trail takes hikers through a wooded area, relatively untouched since the 1930s.

The Greenbelt Plateau Loop is a good trail for beginner backpackers because it has no major obstacles and is accessible year-round. The best time to hike this trail is in spring or fall because of the beautiful panoramic views of forests and meadows.

4) The Green Mountain Loop

Like the Black Canyon Trail, the 6.5-mile Green Mountain Loop is used by bikers, hikers, and horseback riders. You’ll see some magnificent views of Colorado’s mountains while you hike the trail, especially during fall when foliage colors are lush.

Bikers can enjoy biking two miles on the Green Mountain Loop before they need to turn around and head back. The trail is for its shape, which resembles a loop.

5) The Sugarloaf Trail

The 5-mile Sugarloaf Trail takes hikers to views of tall hillsides and through forests. You’ll get great views of Golden gate canyon state park and its forests on the way up to views of the plains.

The Sugarloaf Trail is a moderate hike because it doesn’t include any obstacles and gains about 700 feet elevation. Hikers should plan for about five hours for this hike, which isn’t recommended during winter because of snow.

All these trails offer spectacular views, adventure, and a great workout. A couple of things to keep in mind before setting out on one of these trails is that they are not well marked, so always check with a park ranger on the best route to take and how long each trail will take you! You won’t be disappointed when you get to the top of one of these trails in Golden gate canyon state park, so go ahead, climb a mountain!

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