RV Camping

RV Camping

RV Camping is camping using a Recreational Vehicle (RV), a motorized or towable camping trailer that is used for living in while traveling or staying in various locations. So you are going on your first campground with your RV, what should be the proper etiquette or routine to follow?

Here are the basics of RV Camping for the beginners.

Check-in At The Office

First of all, check into the office to get a map or description of where you’ll be camping. Ask what amenities might be available.  It might be a great idea as well to take a quick survey of the campsite for the best spot to park.

Drive Your RV into the Campsite

When you drive or back your RV into its overnight space, make sure you won’t be hitting any tree or railing. Invest in walkie-talkies if you’ll bring a travel buddy with you, so someone can stand outside and help you back up to your parking spot.

Level the RV

Leveling your RV is essential for total convenience. If you want your refrigerator to work or sleep without your feet higher than your head, then the RV needs to be level. After parking level the RV side to side first, and then front to back. You can use 2×10 boards or purchase leveling blocks and put them under the wheels until you get the desired level.

RV Camping

Stabilize the RV

Stabilize your RV, unless you want the RV to rock back and forth when you walk around inside. Lower the scissor jacks that are generally attached to each corner of the undercarriage of the RV. If you’re on a sandy ground, make sure to lower the jack down onto a small board to help it stabilize.

Look for Hookups

Walk around the campsite and look for all the hookups:

Shore power

For your appliances and recharging of the RV battery. Usually, the shore power is 120 volt A/C.

Water Hookup

For your water supply. Double-check the hose for any leaks on both ends

Sewer Hose

For sewage disposal. Make sure both ends are secure before opening the valve to empty your sewer tank to the in-ground discharge tank

Secure the Wheels

Place wheel chocks behind the wheels, to avoid unnecessary movement. Make sure to put the transmission in ‘park’ and also set the parking brake.

Set up the Pop-Ups

After securing your RV you can now set up any awnings or various pop-outs that your RV has included in its design.

Set up the Lawn Chairs

Don’t forget to bring your lawn chairs in RV camping. Set it up outside and start enjoying the campsite!

RV Camping

Do Everything in Reverse Order

Before you leave your campground and head to your next destination, do the tips in setting up in reverse.

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