Things to Do in the Worlds End State Park

World ends state park is open year-round and is dog friendly too. The park has over 100 miles of trails to explore, so you’re sure to find one that fits you. Some trails are up to 3 miles round trip, and if you are not ready for a long hike you can always take a short one!

Here are some of the best things to do in the World’s End State Park.


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It is without a doubt one of the best things to do at World’s End State Park. There are many trails to choose from, and each one has something spectacular along with them. If you go during the correct times of year (mornings, afternoons) then you can catch the Golden Cascade waterfall in all its glory.


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The Worlds End State Park has over 200 individual campsites. Nevertheless, there is always a place to stay if you’re looking for some time away from the city. Each site comes with a fire ring, picnic table, and drinking water on an RV dump station. 12 group sites can accommodate up to 50 people.


It is one of the best places in Washington to fish because there are options for fishing on or near the bay. The most popular fish here is the Coho Salmon, but you can also catch some Halibut if you are willing to go out a little bit.


The water near Bay Center is perfect for boating. So you should bring your boat though if you want to spend any time on the water. There are kayaks available for rent at the park but if you are not sure about bringing one along if you have one!

Campfire programs

If you are around in the summer you are sure to catch some of the campfire programs that are presented by the park rangers. These programs are great for kids and adults alike, it includes stories, songs, and skits about the area. Some programs also include poems and old-time candy made over a fire.

Historical demonstrations

During summer you can catch demonstrations from some of our early settlers living life as it was back in the 1800s. They will show you how to make furs, candles, and other relevant things back then.

You can explore a little bit of history from the past at the World’s End State Park. If you go towards the back of the park near one of the lakes, you will find an old homestead back to 1910. This site includes historic buildings still standing, and still very interesting to see how they used to live back then.

Picture taking

One of the best things about this park is that it has so many amazing views and places all around to take pictures. On one side of the park, you will find a giant bay, and on the other side, there are mountains and rolling hills. You can even catch a sunset or sunrise if you are one of those people that likes to rise and shine early.

When the weather is suitable in this park you can always find a place to take great pictures, there are so many places all around, and they all look different in every season.

During your time at Worlds End State Park, you can explore some views and natural beauty. These are just some of the best things to do here! You can always find something new every time you come out. If you are not sure what trail to take during your next visit, stop by the center, and they will help you plan accordingly. The center is open daily during the summer months. It’s always a good place to start if you’re new to hiking or just visiting!

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