Winter Camping Hacks

Winter Camping Hacks

Winter camping is quite a different experience that is not suitable for all. The extreme weather, paired with being away from the comforts of your own home makes it quite a challenging camping experience. In such a camping environment, it is critical to know camping hacks. Similarly, these hacks are quite unusual in a typical campsite set-up.

Hacks make things easier for us, especially in such extreme situations. Therefore, we’ve got a few hacks from preparation to actual campsite experience that will help ease the hassles and everything that may happen unexpectedly.

Winter Camping Hack #1: Buy Your Winter Camping Essentials during Summer

If you get to analyze the market, off-season stuff goes on sale. That’s how the law of supply and demand affects the price. So basically, during summer, wintertime essentials go on sale – including camping essentials. So if you are planning to go wintertime camping, make sure to gear up a few seasons before the actual date so you will bag good deals and save bucks.

Winter Camping Hacks

Winter Camping Hack #2: Yoga Mats as Foam Sleeping Pad

If you are gearing up for wintertime camping and you’ve got quite a limited budget, feel free to use some of your existing products listed in our other articles. A yoga mat is one good example of an item that can serve another purpose. Therefore, if you already own a yoga mat or two, bring them and layer them underneath your sleeping pad to isolate you from the cold grounds.

Winter Camping Hack #3: Pee if you Need to Pee

In such a camping environment with low temperature, our body will burn calories to keep us and even our urine warm. If there’s an urge to pee, do not hold it, deal with it when your bladder calls for it.

For ladies, you may try using a urination funnel for more convenient urinating, and for gents, you may want to keep a pee bottle near you.

Winter Camping Hack #4: Keep Water Bottles Upside Down

If you are storing your water bottles somewhere in your tent or the campsite, make sure to store it upside down. The surrounding’s low temperature can freeze your water, so keeping it upside down will freeze the bottom part first, making the top liquid in your bottle drinkable.

Winter Camping Hack #5: Use Wooden Utensils

When going wintertime camping, avoid using metal utensils since metal can get cold. It won’t only be quite discomforting to use, but it will also cause the temperature of the food you are cooking to drop faster. Go for a wooden utensil. Plastic utensils will do but make sure not to leave them in the campsite.

Winter Camping Hacks

Winter Camping Hack #6: Create a Wind Wall

Wind in low temperature will cause you to chill or feel uncomfortable. During wintertime camping, it is best to determine where the wind and snow blow and then create a wind wall by tying a tarp between two trees. It will keep your tent warmer and will make it easier for you to create a campfire.

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